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Polaris Industries is really a large company which manufactures multiple kinds of automobiles, including snow sleds, ATVs and motorcycles. However, the bikes created by Polaris really fit in with Victory Motorcycles, a subsidiary of the Minnesota-based company. What's interesting is the fact that before 1997, Polaris only manufactured ATVs with the aid of Robin, a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. However, following this year, the organization began building its very own engines named “Liberty”.

In 2007, the organization arrived on the scene with plenty of all-terrain automobiles, such as the X2 500 EFI, the Hawkeye, the Outlaw, the Sportsperson and also the Predator series. The Sportsperson 500 EFI includes multiple advanced features, like the dual rear work and brake lights, the trunk rack extender and also the cast aluminum wheels. Furthermore, the ATV was outfitted having a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 500 engine in addition to with integrated front storage compartment and hard composite body components.

Returning to a brief history of the organization, everything began a very long time ago when David Manley, Allan and Edgar Hetteen manufactured the very first snowmobile on the planet that was offered for believe it or not than $465. The recently-founded company ongoing producing snow sleds, most of them being then offered with other firms all over the world. In 1960, Edgar Hetteen made the decision to depart the organization to be able to create their own firm that could contend with Polaris. Edgar named his company Polar Manufacturing, a title that was transformed a couple of years later to Arctic Businesses after which to Arctic Cat.

What's interesting is the fact that the organization also experienced some issues with its ATVs after it learned that some automobiles might be outfitted having a defective ECM that could overheat and represent a genuine danger for that rider. Due to that, believe it or not than 95,000 ATVs happen to be remembered, but the organization stated that no injuries were reported. All of the ATVs were produced in 2004 in U. S. States, being offered within the entire country with the companies' sellers.

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