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Enter your Pontiac's 17-digit VIN above to decode your VIN. We will show your vehicle specification and full vehicle history report, which includes thefts, detailed vehicle records, accidents, titles, and more. This information is compiled by from multiple sources including but not limited to DMVs, police records, insurance database and made public as a free, informational resource.

We also have a list of Pontiac's squish VIN information available in the table below. A squish vin is basically the first 11 characters of the full VIN Number. However, it does not contain the 9th character, which is a check digit to check the validity of a VIN number. With squish VIN, you can manually decode your Pontiac's VIN with just pen and paper. To learn more check out, What is a VIN Number

Pontiac 6000 1991 1G2AJ51TM6
Pontiac Aztek 2005 3G7DA03E5S
Pontiac Bonneville 2001 1G2HY54K14
Pontiac Firebird 1999 2G2FV22GX2
Pontiac G3 2009 KL2TX66E9B
Pontiac G5 2009 1G2AS18H97
Pontiac G6 2010 1G2ZA5E0A4
Pontiac G8 2009 6G2EC57Y9L
Pontiac GTO 2006 6G2VX12U6L
Pontiac Grand Am 1994 1G2NE15MRM
Pontiac Grand Prix 2002 1G2WP12K2F
Pontiac Le Mans 1991 KL2TN546MB
Pontiac Montana 2005 1GMDV03E5D
Pontiac Montana SV6 2006 1GMDX33L6D
Pontiac Solstice 2009 1G2MB25B9Y
Pontiac Sunbird 1992 1G2JD14TN7
Pontiac Sunfire 1997 3G2JD12TVS
Pontiac Torrent 2007 2CKDL63F76
Pontiac Trans Sport 1994 1GMDU06LRT
Pontiac Vibe 2010 5Y2SL6E8AZ

About Pontiac

Pontiac was American car manufacturer General Motors’ sub-brand, produced since 1936 until its demise in 2010. Pontiac was one of the divisions that General Motors was divided into, and was established to supplement another General Motors division, Oakland. The marque was named after the famed Native American leader who hailed from Ottawa.

Soon after Pontiac was launched, the brand surpassed Oakland’s sales as it offered a better alternative. Among its first production cars was the 1927 Pontiac Chief which garnered tens of thousands of sales within the first few months of its release. Pontiac could credit the car’s success to its stroke, which was the shortest across all American cars, and its six-cylinder engine. Pontiac also reaped the benefit of showcasing the car at the New York Auto Salon in 1926, where it attracted significant attention. The car would eventually rank among the best selling vehicles in the U.S as its sales doubled in just half a year.

In 1949, Pontiac start producing newer models. It launched Chieftain, Pontiac’s first car to be produced after the Second World War. It replaced the Pontiac Torpedo which was a larger and more expensive vehicle. The Chieftain featured several variants; it was offered as a sedan, coupe, and as a convertible coupe. Additionally, customers could choose from a range of different engine options which included six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines. Pontiac would produce newer versions in the coming years during the early 1950s. In 1954, it offered power windows and air conditioning in the car. Pontiac also launched the Star Chief, the Chieftain line of cars’ flagship. In 1957, the Super Chief model was manufactured and sold in Australia.

Pontiac’s logo represented the Native American arrowhead. Besides its logo, the marque was recognizable from the silver streaks that adorned its cars. Originally, the silver streaks were drawn out from the hood to the grill of the cars. However, later they would extend to the whole of the car. The streaks were produced in only Pontiac’s early vehicles though, and last featured in 1957.

Supported Pontiac Models

PONTIAC Montana 2005 - 2009 2
PONTIAC Sunfire 2001 - 2005 2
PONTIAC Bonneville 2004 - 2005 5
PONTIAC Vibe 2008 - 2010 4
PONTIAC Grand Am 1998 - 2005 2
PONTIAC Grand Prix 2003 - 2008 5
PONTIAC GTO 2003 - 2006 6
PONTIAC Firebird 2000 - 2002 8
PONTIAC G3 2009 - 2011 1
PONTIAC Solstice 2008 - 2009 2
PONTIAC G6 Coupe 2008 - 2010 1
PONTIAC Trans Sport 1990 - 1996 1
PONTIAC G6 2008 - 2010 4
PONTIAC G5 2007 - 2010 2
PONTIAC G8 2007 - 2009 1
PONTIAC G6 Convertible 2008 - 2010 1
PONTIAC Aztek 2000 - 2005 1
PONTIAC Torrent 2005 - 2009 1
PONTIAC Fiero 1985 - 1988 1

Where to find my VIN Number?

You can find your VIN through the lower right of the windshield, and under the hood of your front engine.

As for Motorcycle VIN, you can lookup your VIN on the motorcycle frame, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all "two wheelers" or "three wheelers" or ATV to have the VIN displayed on the frame.

You can also do a VIN lookup or VIN number lookup on your insurance card/policy. You can learn more on how to locate your VIN from our guides as shown on the right side.

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