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Puch is really a motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1889 by Johann Puch and based in Graz, Austria. Even though it was mostly renowned for building motorcycles, the organization has additionally created automobiles and bicycles. Puch's history started a very long time ago when Johann Puch was just thinking about building bicycles, but, after 10 years of production, he made the decision to produce their own company that will produce motorcycles and mopeds.

In 1928 the organization merged with Austro-Daimler and grew to become an element of the new Austro-Daimler-Puchwerkwe business, which in turn, merged in 1934 with Steyr AG to create Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Throughout The Second World War, Puch's plants started to fabricate guns for that country's military.

The very first scooter ever made by the organization was launched 48 years later after its official launch date (1903), in 1952. However, the famous Puch 500 was produced in 1957, shortly then other well-known models, for example 150, 175, 250 SG and 250 SGS.

In 1906, the well-known two-cylinder Puch Voiturette joined production as well as in 1909 a Puch vehicle, simply amazed the planet after it set a " new world " high-speed record of 130.4 km/h. Things were going ideal for the organization, as there have been believing it or not than 300 cars, 300 motorcycles and 16,000 motorcycles manufactured each year by 1912.

Around the US market, the business's bikes were offered and known by various aliases, namely Allstate and Sears. Regrettably, the organization closed later, being bought by Piaggio.

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