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Rieju was founded in 1934 by Luis Riera Carré and Jaime Juanola Farrés. The name Rieju was derived from their surnames Riera and Juanola. The Company was initially created to manufacture bicycle adornments. The two entrepreneurs purchased land to build their factory. Unfortunately, the Spanish Civil War got in the way and the Republican Government impounded their unfinished construction which they used as a truck depot.

They got their building back with a second story added to their original building. That was considered a payment of interest. They resumed operations in 1940 when the war ended and started building bicycle accessories.

In 1942, with a capital of 1 million pesetas, the company was established as a Sociedad Limitada (Private Limited Company). It then began to manufacture bicycle models alongside their accessories. It was able to produce thirty bicycles every week with 35 employees.

In 1947, Rieju expanded its manufacturing operations to mopeds. They incorporated a 38cc four-stroke engine to the rear wheel of one their bicycles. It was able to speed up to 40km/h with a power of 1HP. In 1949, they introduced a number 2 model that had a more powerful engine. Models that came later were developed to make the moped more like a motorcycle.

In 1964, an agreement with Minarelli allowed Rieju to make their engines under license. The Jaca model was launched. In the ensuing years, the model would evolve into the Confort and TT models.

The company, now based in Figueres is a renowned manufacturer of motorcycles and mopeds and their machines can are available all over Europe.

Interesting Facts

  1. Rieju created a moped with an automatic transmission. It did not do well.
  2. With production increasing steadily all through the 1980s, Rieju was ranked among the elite moped producers in Spain.
  3. The company’s motorcycles won multiple prices in international endure competitions which helped to enhance the brand’s profile.
  4. The RS3 50 and RS s 125LC models belong to the Rieju brand and production began in 2011. These models are powered by Yamaha engines.
  5. Rieju started exporting their products to other parts of Europe from 1994, and by 2006 their exports represented approximately 60% of the company’s sales.


RIEJU MOTORS Marathon 2009 - 2015 26
RIEJU MOTORS SMX 1997 - 2009 8
RIEJU MOTORS MRT 2009 - 2015 24
RIEJU MOTORS Tango 2014 - 2015 3
RIEJU MOTORS RR 1996 - 2006 8
RIEJU MOTORS Spike 1998 - 2003 5
RIEJU MOTORS City Line 2014 - 2015 2
RIEJU MOTORS NKD 2006 - 2015 4
RIEJU MOTORS RS2 2005 - 2007 2
RIEJU MOTORS MRX 2003 - 2007 4
RIEJU MOTORS RS 2014 - 2015 2
RIEJU MOTORS RS3 2014 - 2015 3
RIEJU MOTORS 175 1952 - 1962 1
RIEJU MOTORS Jaca 1959 - 1971 2
RIEJU MOTORS Urban Blast 2014 - 2015 1
RIEJU MOTORS Tango 125 2006 - present 1
RIEJU MOTORS Confort 400 1974 - 1975 1
RIEJU MOTORS Rieju No.1 1947 - 1949 1

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