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Royal Enfield was really a company founded a very long time ago when George Townsend Junior. And the brother tried to build their very own motorcycle. Since it included wooden wheels and iron-made moving surface, many people really made fun of these two siblings. However, Townsend ongoing the expansion process along with a couple of years later, he handled to unveil a motorcycle outfitted with two equal size wheels. Furthermore, he easily migrated to purchasing and selling bicycle parts but he always attempted to carry on the job and make new bicycles.

The very first vehicle created by Royal Enfield and outfitted by having an engine was launched in 1898 and would be a , much like an ATV, which created 2.7 horsepower. However, the very first motorcycle was formally launched 1901 and was outfitted by having an engine supplying a displacement of 150cc and 1.5 horsepower.

Because of financial problems, Townsend was instructed to request to assist in 1890 when a few Birmingham traders required over his business. Together with the traders, R.W. Cruz and Albert Eadle also became a member of the organization to be able to re-organize it for brand new projects. After Albert Eadle received a supplier agreement for the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, the organization made the decision to produce a special bicycle that might be named Enfield.

In 1910, the organization folded out probably the most famous motorcycles ever launched by the organization, a bicycle outfitted having a V-twin 344cc engine which developed 2.7 horsepower. The following models were outfitted with engines produced by Enfield throughout the very first World War.

Throughout the '60s, the British manufacturer began experiencing problems because of the dominance from the Japanese motorcycle companies which began growing all across the globe, attaining audience using their high-performance bikes. Like a answer its rivals, Royal Enfield developed the Series I and Series II from the Interceptor, a motorbike that could achieve an optimum speed of 175 km/h. Although these models were pretty effective within the U . s . States, the organization began going through problems therefore it made the decision to shut the Redditch factory in 1967 and also the Bradford-on-Avon in 1970.

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