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Sachs Motorcycles was established in 1886 in Schweinfurt, Germany. Originally, it was known as Fichtel & Sachs which morphed to Mannesmann Sachs and then settled to simply Sachs. The German-based company is one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world, having produced its first motorcycle in 1904. The company also manufactured bicycle parts, ball bearings and motorcycle engines.

Sachs Motorcycles produced All-Terrain Vehicles, mopeds, and motorcycles as well as motorized bicycles. The motorcycle division branched out into an independent company. The parent company was acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen Company AG and it became known as ZF Sachs.

After taking over Victoria, Express, and DKW in the 60s, the firm turned to making automotive parts. In 1992, the German Armed Federal Forces began sourcing their motorcycles from Sachs. The company faced some financial struggles emanating from the Hercules Bicycle Works. As a result, it started bankruptcy proceedings. Fortunately, a solution came in the form of a buyout. This was instigated by Corrado Savazzi, the MD. During this time, Sachs was only able to sell locally assembled Chinese scooters which, though cheap, failed to sell well.

After the buyout, the company was able to develop new models such as the XTC125 which was introduced at the October 2006 Intermot Fair in Cologne. The following year, it moved to Nümberg/ Katzwang. In 2008, the company name was changed from SACHS Fahrzeug-und Montorentechnik  GmbH to SFM GmbH. By 2010, Sachs had become one of the companies to watch in the development of self-propelled electric bicycles.

Interesting Facts

  1. It is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world having produced its first bike in 1904.
  2. The company was able to make a comeback from insolvency as well as to rebuild itself to its former glory.
  3. Sachs manufactures the Sachs MadAss motorcycle which is assembled in Malaysia and made in China. This cycle has been sold in America as the Xkeleton Trickster. It has also been in the market under the Pierspeed and Tomberlin brands as MadAss.
  4. Sachs mopeds were used by many brands until the mid-nineties.
  5. The company manufactured small capacity bike engines of up to 175cc.

Supported VIN CHECK FOR SACHS Models

SACHS Roadster 1998 - 2005 3
SACHS ZZ 2013 - present 1
SACHS ZX 2013 - present 1
SACHS Beast 1000 2001 - 0 1
SACHS MadAss 2006 - present 4
SACHS Speedforce 2006 - present 1
SACHS ZX 125 1998 - present 1
SACHS XTC 2015 - present 1
SACHS X-Road 2004 - 2009 1
SACHS Bee 2007 - 2010 1
SACHS B-805 2001 - 2005 1

Where to find my VIN Number?

You can find your VIN through the lower right of the windshield, and under the hood of your front engine.

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