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Triumph Motorcycles is really a manufacturing company founded by Siegfried Bettmann in 1884. Batman would be a German immigrant who travelled to England and, at age 20, founded their own company. The name of the organization was S. Bettmann & Co. The Export Import Agency and the primary activity were really to purchase motorcycles, then sell them under its very own brand.

In 1951, Triumph Motorcycle was offered by Sangster to BSA, certainly one of their primary rivals, so he could enroll in the BSA board and lastly the Chairman of the BSA Group in 1956.

The very first Triumph motorcycle arrived 1902 once the producers installed a Belgian engine on a single off the bikes. In 1903 they offered believe it or not than 500 models of the model. Probably the most important key events within the company's history happened in 1905 when Triumph began creating completely in-house designed motorcycles.

2 yrs later, in 1886, Bettman re-named the organization to Triumph Cycle Company but, thanks financial resources supplied by Dunlop Tires, he registered it as being New Triumph Co. Ltd twelve months later.

In 1939, Triumph began going through financial problems and was bought by  Standard Motor, that was possessed by John Sangster. It's interesting to notice that Sangster seemed to be who owns Ariel motorcycle, among the primary Triumph rivals.

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