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IMZ is really a Russian manufacturer of motorcycles which in fact had multiple industrial facilities in Moscow, Leningrad and Kharkov. However, because of the German attacks throughout the The Second World War, all of the facilities were gone to live in Irbit and Gorkiy. IMZ's history started in 1940, once the USSR was planning for that German military attack.

The organization folded out several Ural bikes addressed towards the people of the nation, the Ukraine factory to be the primary plant accountable for their production.

In 1953, these bikes were distributed around the globe, becoming famous underneath the title of Cossack motorcycles. 4 years later, in 1957, the M-72 production lines were offered.

The Ural motorcycles are outfitted with four-stroke air-cooled flat-twin engines, a four speed gearbox with reverse gear, shaft drive, two disc dry clutch, spring, shocks and drum brakes, being mostly utilized in the Russian tough areas.

1000's of M-72 motorcycles were created, most models visiting the Russian military forces while throughout World war 2 almost 10000 M-72 bikes were shipped towards the troops. Following the war, producing the M-72 ongoing as well as in 1950, parents' company produced believe it or not than 30,000 motorcycles.

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