VELOCETTE Motorcycle VIN Check

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Velocette is really a company founded by John Taylor and William Gee in 1905 once they also included their first bike, named Veloce.

Throughout the following couple of years, the organization released multiple new models or remodeled that old one to be able to be advanced and also to be outfitted with technology.

Since the K bikes were pretty costly to create, the organization made the decision to create out a brand new type of overhead valve motorcycles, MOV to be the first bike incorporated within this new series. The motorcycles, incorporated within the M bike series, had an electric train engine having a displacement of 250cc which assisted the organization, design, in 1934 and 1935, two new bikes, the MAC 350cc and also the MSS 500cc, which recorded a remarkable success available on the market.

What's interesting would be that the motorcycle was nicknamed the “Noddy bike” becathe copscops who rode the bike needed to go ahead and take hands from the handlebars and bow the mind to be able to keep your charge of the bike.

However, within the late 60s, the organization experienced plenty of problems so the organization was instructed to close the industrial facilities in Feb 1971.

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