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In 1884, a twenty year old boy founded Piaggio, a business located in Genoa. Following a couple of years, the organization started to create rail carriages, goods vans, coaches, engines, truck physiques and, throughout the The First World War, it also built planes and seaplanes. In 1917, Piaggio purchased a new plant in Pisa and. After 4 years. A replacement in Pontedera, Italia, where Vespa could be founded a long time later. Even when this factory was heavily broken by the tanks, Enrico Piaggio had the assets to reconstruct it.

In 2003, the organization was near to personal bankruptcy, mostly because of the huge amount of money spent of plans and items that have never been launched. However, the organization handled to manage the financial problems so the organization still is available nowadays.

has won lots of honors, being considered the very best Italian motorcycle soon after Giancarlo Tironi, an Italian College student, arrived at the Arctic Circle on the Vespa. Furthermore, Carlos Velez has entered the Andes from Buenos Aires to Santiago Del Chile on a single scooter. In 1980, two Vespas PX 200 entered the conclusion type of the 2nd Paris-Dakar rally.

Because of your competition originating from other brands, Vespa must be refurbished so new, the ET, was formally launched. It had been lighter compared to previous models, it included a computerized gearbox and may come a number of engines from the 50 cc either in two-stroke or four-stroke, up to and including 150 cc four stroke.

The very first Vespa was run by a 98 cc engine, created 3.2 at 4,500 revolutions per minute and may achieve a high speed of 60 km/h. It had been stored production for 2 years, however, in 1953, Vespa 125 experienced a significant engine improvement, the energy output being elevated to five at 5,000 revolutions per minute, and also the top speed were now 75 km/h.

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