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Vespa scooters have found a soft spot in the hearts of many people, commanding a huge demographic in the two-wheel industry. Vespa is one of the scooter manufacturing companies that has perfected the art of production, making many people fall for their scooters. It is one of the seven brands currently owned and operated by Piaggio.

After the Second World War, in 1946, the economy of Italy was crippled and its road networks were left in a sorry state. Sighting the golden opportunity, Enrico Piaggio decided to tackle Italy’s need for an affordable transport system. Piaggio’s engineers conceived the first prototype known as Motor Piaggio no 5 (MP5) alias the Paperino. Displeased with the design, Enrico Piaggio sought help from aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascenio who redesigned it into MP6. The result was a sleek, beautiful and curvy scooter that made Enrico Piaggio name it Vespa which is Italian for “Wasp”. The design featured a roomy floorboard, front protection wings, and a front sided single suspension wheel that integrated seamlessly in the enclosed bodywork.

Armed with adept industrial experience and an approved patent for Vespa scooter, Piaggio embarked on a campaign to mass-produce Vespa scooters. Sales were rather slow after the inaugural public unveiling of the brand in 1946. However, a brilliant plan that allowed buyers to pay by installment drove the sales up. By 1950, Vespa recorded sales of more than 60,000 scooters. Nonetheless, the biggest quantum leap in sales came when Piaggio decided to leverage Hollywood as a marketing strategy. Sales soared to a record 100,000 scooters.

Diversification into different markets across Europe, South America, and Asia has contributed significantly to the trust the brand has earned in people across the globe. Popular models such as the Vespa LX50 4V, the Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport SE, and the Vespa BSM 150cc, and have been seen as a recreational vehicle among many in recent times. This has made the brand gain tremendous fame in pop culture. Urbanization has also played a huge role in the Vespa’s popularity with commuters opting for the brand due to its low running costs and ease of navigation in urban areas.

Supported VIN CHECK FOR VESPA Models

VESPA LXV 2008 - 2014 8
VESPA LX 2004 - present 13
VESPA S 2006 - 2014 21
VESPA UTILITARIA 1953 - 1960 1
VESPA GTS 2008 - present 21
VESPA 50 1963 - 2005 7
VESPA GTV 2008 - 2014 7
VESPA P 1977 - 1990 3
VESPA 946 2012 - present 5
VESPA TS 125 1975 - 1978 1
VESPA Cosa 1947 - 1993 3
VESPA Rally 1968 - 1973 1
VESPA TAP 1956 - 1959 1
VESPA SUPER 1954 - 1979 2
VESPA Primavera 1965 - present 5
VESPA Sprint 1965 - present 5
VESPA 125 1948 - 1997 5
VESPA GT 1966 - present 3
VESPA PX 1977 - present 5
VESPA Granturismo 2006 - present 1
VESPA GL 1957 - 1965 1
VESPA GTS 250 i.e 2005 - present 1
VESPA 100 1978 - 1993 1
VESPA Veloce 1972 - 1979 1
VESPA 200 1977 - 1982 1
VESPA GTR 1968 - 1978 1
VESPA GS 1955 - 1964 2
VESPA 98 1946 - 1947 1
VESPA SUPER SPORT 1964 - 1968 1
VESPA ET 2000 - 2005 1
VESPA 90 1963 - 1984 1
VESPA SEI GIORNI 2017 - present 1
VESPA PK 1982 - 1993 1

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