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Vincent HRD has quite a fascinating history since it all began when Howard Raymond Davies, an english pilot, was taken through the German military and stored imprisonment for quite some time. Throughout this era, Davies began thinking and creating a motorbike that will integrate all of the features he wanted, a bicycle which needed to be develop a couple of years later as he went of out jail. Along with his partner E.J. Massey, Davies built the very first HRD motorcycle which won the Isle of Guy TT in 1925, exactly the same year as he set a " new world " record, reaching a high speed of 66 miles per hour.

Until 1934, Vincent HRD was pretty centered on building motorcycles, believe it or not than 7 models being already released. However, many of them were utilizing a 499cc engine, Philip Vincent is especially thought about the style of the bikes.

The organization was continually becoming an adult, opening several new shops within the next couple of years. For example, the first was opened up in Philadelphia, then Florida, NJ and Michigan.

In 1949, the logo design of the organization was entirely transformed, the HRD letter being taken off it as being many people thought it's really Harley, a motorbike company which grew to become increasingly popular around the American motorcycle market.

Because the time went by, Vincent HRD arrived on the scene with plenty of improvements, such as the handlebar mounted brake insurer and multiple elements of design. However, after 1950 the organization began going through financial problems as well as in 1955, Phil Vincent introduced in an Owner's Club that the organization will no more produce motorcycle.

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