Decode Your Volvo VIN Number

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Volvo Volvo VIN Decoder

This is a Volvo VIN Decoder. Every Volvo vehicle has a VIN is a 17 character sequence that includes numbers and letters. Just key in your VIN and let our vin decoder churn out the following data:

  • Breakdown of the VIN segments
  • Flag if the VIN doesn't adhere to the standards defined
  • Basic vehicle information including year, make, model and trim
  • Vehicle fuel economy information

Swedish-born Volvo has lengthy been a forerunner in complete safety research, and it is automobiles possess the crash test scores to prove it. Nowadays, the company has enhanced its choices by crafting automobiles which offer generous levels of style and gratifaction.

The PV444 was probably the most significant cars from the war era, the very first true small vehicle, a combination of American flair and European size, it would be a resonant success and also the best offered model through the 60s. The P1800 was Volvo's first sports vehicle, made in early 60s also it am popular it's featured within the hit Tv show “The Saint” starring Roger Moore.

The sixties saw the launch of the new Volvo sports vehicle, the P1800. The car's sculpted visual appearance assisted earn it celebrity status if this was featured around the lengthy-running Tv show The Saint, with Roger Moore driving. Security features increased more complex throughout this decade and Volvo was again the main thing on the experience, offering features for example padded dashboards and-resistant crumple zones in front and back.

The buyout of Volvo Cars was introduced on The month of january 28, 1998. For now, Volvo Cars was possessed by AB Volvo (the commercial automobiles group). In the year after acquisition for Volvo Cars by American vehicle maker Ford Motor Co. was completed in a cost of $6.45 billion USD. Volvo used the funds in the purchase from the automobile division to invest in purchasing Scania, another leading Swedish truck manufacturer, however the deal was stopped for competition reasons through the Eu. Rather Volvo acquired the commercial automobiles division of French Renault and also the American truck manufacturer Mack Trucks (that was possessed by Renault at that time). Included in the arangement to purchase Renault Trucks, the previous parent company, Renault, bought consequently 20 % in shares in AB Volvo. Among why Volvo required the initiative to market the car manufacturing was the growing development costs for brand new vehicle models, combined with the truth that it had been a comparatively small producer. The process was rather to develop like a truck manufacturer where it were built with a more powerful market position.

Volvo Squish VIN Table

A squish VIN is basically the first 11 digits of the VIN minus the 9th digit which is a check digit. It’s the value used to decode a VIN into a vehicle

Should you wish to decode your Volvo VIN manually, you can use the table below as reference:

Volvo 240 1992 YV1AS820N1
Volvo 740 1992 YV1FS881N2
Volvo 760 1990 YV1GA694L0
Volvo 780 1990 YV1HA872LD
Volvo 850 1995 YV1LS570S2
Volvo 940 1995 YV1JS831S3
Volvo 960 1993 YV1KS950P0
Volvo C30 2013 YV1672MKD2
Volvo C70 2006 YV1MC6826J
Volvo Coupe 1991 YV1HA872MD
Volvo S40 2002 YV1VS2952F
Volvo S60 2013 YV1902FHD2
Volvo S70 1998 YV1LS557W2
Volvo S80 2013 YV1940ASD1
Volvo S90 1997 YV1KS960V1
Volvo V40 2002 YV1VW2952F
Volvo V50 2011 YV1672MWB2
Volvo V70 2010 YV1982BWA1
Volvo V90 1998 YV1KW960W1
Volvo XC 2002 YV1SZ58D21
Volvo XC60 2014 YV4902DZE2
Volvo XC70 2004 YV1SZ59H41
Volvo XC90 2012 YV4952CYC1