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VOR, which really means Vertemati Offroad Racing, is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, mostly according to off-road, Enduro and mix bikes. The organization began in 1998 and was based in Ronco Briantino, Milan. Although VOR was mostly centered on off-road motorcycles, the organization migrated to street bikes in 2002, exactly the same year if this transformed its title to Motorcycles VOR.

What's interesting is this fact motorcycle has a completely new Ohlin suspension system with a totally remodeled aluminum that may represent important benefits for customers searching for an off-bicycle.

The entire year 2008 is anticipated to become pretty essential for VOR as the organization intends to enhance multiple Enduro and Supermotard bike models, such as the Enduro E450, outfitted with electric starter or with start pedal, and also the Supermotard 450 getting exactly the same features.

Returning to a brief history of the organization, VOR began by Alvaro and Guido, two siblings who mostly acquired off-road experience by employed by others. For example, Vertemati formerly labored with Husaberg, a Swedish manufacturer of off-road motorcycles. However, because of unknown reasons, the collaboration between Husaberg and Vertamati continues to be ended and also the Italian company began to build up its very own prototypes.

An Italian Man, manufacturer recorded pretty important leads to multiple competitions, such as the Six-Day Enduro as well as the Enduro World Titles.

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