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Wakan Motorcycles have quite a fascinating history since it all began when Joel Domergue, the founding father of the organization, built his first bicycle. Disappointed with a gift he caused by his parents, he made the decision to construct their own bicycle, outfitted using the features he wanted. Since he was fifteen years old, the majority of the bicycles and motorcycles he possessed were frequently modified to be able to meet his needs. However, since he would be a kid, Joel Domergue has always imagined to possess their own motorcycle company.

The following couple of years were pretty essential for the recently-released company since many everyone was expecting a sophisticated motorcycle that could represent the current and also the high end bike that Joel Domergue has always imagined about.

After investing believe it or not than 13 years been employed as an engineer within the nuclear industry, Joel Domergue handled to produce Scorpa, his first motorcycle factory. The following couple of years symbolized a genuine success for Scorpa, its motorcycles being offered in roughly 6,000 models all over the world. Furthermore, the bikes introduced multiple victories on the planet Tests Championship as well as in the Scottish Six Day Trial in 1998 once the company's pilot, Graham Jarvis, rode a Scorpa.

In The Year 2006, Wakan folded out two different versions from the 1640 motorcycle, Road and Racing, each of them outfitted with air-cooled, 45 Levels V-twin, 4-stroke, OHC, 4 valves per cylinder engines.

In addition interesting is the fact that Joel Domergue handled to advertise then sell motorcycles, all across the globe with the aid of local companies. For example, Scorpa used to believe it or not than 4 Japanese companies to grow in the local market, an advertising and marketing strategy which has not been used before.

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