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WRM Motorcycles are defined an Italian company founded in 2004 and even when many people might think that it's quite youthful to contend with the marketplace titans, for example Ducati, Yamaha and Honda, it already handled to thrill using its motorcycles. Actually, the organization only has created just one bike model, the WRM 450 MX1, that is especially addressed to individuals thinking about motocross.

Meanwhile, the organization is focusing on a brand new concept bike in line with the same MX1 motorcycle released in 2005. There isn't much to say about the 2008 model because much like older models, the brand new MX1 mix bike is going to be entirely according to carbon fiber and Kevlar and are only obtainable in black.

Just in case you are wondering what is so special concerning the MX1, discover that it arrives with plenty of carbon-made factors that could bring better resistance and stability than a number of other motorcycles within the same category. However, using a lot of carbon fiber parts does not always imply that the organization elected for advanced resistance within the hindrance from the design because in the start looking, the 450 MX1 looks very good.

There's not a lot of plans for future years when speaking about WRM Motorcycles because the organization only expects to enhance the MX1 and employ it for brand new projects. One of these simple projects is named SM1 and should really represent the Supermoto form of the bike that was initially scheduled for release in 2007.

Returning to the business's short history, WRM only has won a couple of game titles within the Motorsport competitions. For instance, Lorenzo Pies won the S2 Italian Championship riding an MX1 made by WRM.

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