Colorado Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

In Colorado, motorcycles are viewed in the same way as vehicles. Thus the process of motorcycle registration and titling is the same as that of motor vehicles. However, motorcycles are exempted from emission testing.

Also, the motorcycle registration and renewal fees are slightly lower than that of motor vehicles.

Dirt Bike Registration

In Colorado, off-road bikes, commonly known as dirt bikes are not considered as motor vehicles. But still they need to be registered with the department of Parks and Wildlife in Colorado. To register with them, you will need to complete Form APRG09001 (Dirt Bike Registration Application) and mail it to the Colorado department of Parks and Wildlife with $25.25 application fee. Use the mailing address below:

Parks and Wildlife Registration Unit
13787 South Highway 85
Littleton, Colorado 80125

You can also visit your local Parks and Wildlife Registration Unit to fill the form in person. You will receive your Colorado Registration Certificate within two weeks.

Making a Dirt Bike Legal

You can change a dirt bike into a road-legal motorcycle, which is recognized by the state as a motor vehicle. With a bit of upgrading and tinkering, your bike can be titled and put into registration process as regular motor vehicles.

To start the registration and titling process, you will need to complete a couple of forms. First, you need to fill Form DR 2686 (Certificate of Equipment Compliance for Motorcycles). This form lists all the equipment that a bike needs to be converted into a road-legal motor vehicle. You will also need to complete From DR 2698 (Verification of Vehicle Identification Number).

In addition to these two forms, you will need to provide proof of bike ownership in order to title it. You can use a dealer’s invoice, bill of sale or the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO).