Minnesota Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

The process of motorcycle registration in Minnesota requires a different process from regular car registration. Unlike when you are registering a car, you must show proof of insurance when registering a motorcycle.

You must renew your motorcycle registration annually. The DMV requires your motorcycle to meet various operational guidelines listed in the Minnesota DVS regarding safety equipment.

Once you purchase a used or new motorcycle in Minnesota, you must title and register it in order to be allowed to ride it on Maine’s public roads. You must place one license plate on your motorcycle and mount a registration sticker on it.

Motorcycle registration renewal must be done yearly at any local deputy registrar’s office. You must pay the renewal fee which varies depending on the motorcycle type and county of registration.

If you are a new resident in Minnesota, you have to register your motorcycle within 60 days of obtaining Minnesota residence.

Insurance Requirements

Minnesota is one of the states which have a no-fault insurance law. This law requires all motorcycles owners to obtain liability insurance for their motorcycles. This insurance is needed to cover personal injuries and the cost of property damage as a result of accidents caused by your motorcycle. Other types of motorcycle insurance coverage are optional.

When applying for motorcycle registration in Minnesota, you must show proof of insurance for your motorcycle. You can present names of your insurance carrier together with their policy numbers.

Safety Equipment

To register your motorcycle in Minnesota, you must show the following safety equipment to the officers involved:

  • Goggles, protective eyeglasses or face shield.
  • Windscreen (optional).
  • Passenger footrests and seats must be shown.
  • Rear-view mirror, muffler and horn.
  • 1 red taillight, stop lamp or brake lamp.
  • At least one headlight.
  • At least one hand or foot operated brake in the rear side or front side.

All motorcycle riders younger than 18 years old must show approved helmets when registering their motorcycles. If you are older than 18 years old, you will not be required to show a helmet when registering your motorcycle.

The mandatory helmet law was repealed by the state, but still reduces the penalties that one receives if the motorcycle causes an accident and the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet.

For more information on motorcycle registration, get in touch with your local deputy registrar by phone at (651) 215-1328.

You can also email the Minnesota DVS at [email protected]