Why Order a Motorcycle History Report?

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

You want to purchase a motorcycle from a reliable dealer. You go online and start searching for the best deal for you. You have enough money; the dealer also seems to be nice. The motorcycle photos you are seeing don’t show any damage. The motorcycle’s overall look and specifications are also good. You think all that information is enough and you can go ahead and table an offer, Right? That’s not correct. There is one more important step that you should take before entering your credit card number. You should go ahead to get a Motorcycle History Report.

Unearth Hidden Information

It is important to get a Motorcycle History Report for any motorcycle you see online. This report contains hidden information that may not be provided by dealers or seen in pictures. Not all sellers out there know where to get genuine History Reports for their motorcycles. If your dealer is one of them, refer them to a reputable company that offers Motorcycle History Reports.

What information found in a Motorcycle History Report

Even reputable dealers may not be certain with the condition of used motorcycles they are selling. Issues such as inaccurate odometer can miss the eye of a trusted registered mechanic. Armed with a Motorcycle History Report, you will get accurate information about the motorcycle you intend to purchase including salvaged titles, number of previous owners, stolen titles, rebuilt titles, manufacturer’s specifications, recall history, registration details, odometer readings, verification of recent mileage, condition of airbag, total loss accident history, vehicle usage and any other information that is troubling you. This information may help you during the negotiation process, and you never know the dealer may lower the selling price if they realize that you know the condition of the motorcycle you want to purchase.

Bottom line

Purchasing a good motorcycle online does not come easily. You must invest your time and money trying to get all the information about a particular motorcycle. Once you select the best deal for you, get a motorcycle history report to ensure the quoted price tag coincide with the history and condition of your desired motorcycle. If the dealer had quoted a certain price and then you discover that motorcycle had been involved in an accident, you can negotiate and lower the price. Be wary of dealers who don’t disclose a genuine motorcycle history report and take a moment to get this report yourself.