What are Title Brands?

Title brands are not what you think they are. They do not represent a “brand name” as we know it, for example: Ford. Title brands carry a negative connotation with them. A title brand has everything to do with a vehicle’s history. It is usually indicated in a car’s certificate of registration. When buying a … Read more

What is a Title Lien?

A title lien is an encumbrance executed upon a car to serve as a security for the payment of a debt or performance of an obligation. It is simply a burden on the car title. For example, you borrowed money from the bank. You will execute a chattel mortgage over the car, meaning that you … Read more

What is an Odometer Rollback?

An odometer rollback is the illegal practice of rolling back odometers to make it appear as if the vehicle has a lower odometer reading than what it actually does. An odometer measures how far a car has run. An odometer reading is a car’s “mileage.” It is considered illegal in most states to roll back odometers, … Read more