Classic Car VIN Search

Check your Classic Car VIN NOW! Knowing the VIN of a classic car is similar to knowing whether a painting is a Picasso or not. To art collectors, the authenticity of the painting is based on whether it was really by the painter they fancy. They cannot afford to have a replica—not only are they wasting money intended for the original—because the mistake also decreases their reputation among their circles. The same goes for classic or vintage car collectors. But it is hard to trace a car’s … Read more

How To Effectively Compare Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is a must if you are legally driving and these days, it can be quite a challenge to pick the best car insurance for you. And though it is a common strategy to compare the rates of different insurance companies, not everyone knows how to effectively do this. For you to be able to effectively compare car insurance rates, you should employ the following strategies: Get Three Quotes Insurance rates these days are very competitive and it is not surprising to see insurance … Read more

What is an Odometer Rollback?

An odometer rollback is the illegal practice of rolling back odometers to make it appear as if the vehicle has a lower odometer reading than what it actually does. An odometer measures how far a car has run. An odometer reading is a car’s “mileage.” It is considered illegal in most states to roll back odometers, although the laws may vary from state to state. Why do people rollback odometers? Rolling back odometers is an ingenious idea of unscrupulous sellers in an attempt to raise a … Read more

Tips For The Best Car Insurance Quote

It is always advisable to get car insurance when you own a car regardless if you use it to travel a lot or when you are driving from home to work and back. These days, there are countless car insurance companies out there and it can be challenging to pick the one that can give you the best deal. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to getting the best car insurance quote. Car Size Light weight cars are more likely … Read more

What is a Title Lien?

A title lien is an encumbrance executed upon a car to serve as a security for the payment of a debt or performance of an obligation. It is simply a burden on the car title. For example, you borrowed money from the bank. You will execute a chattel mortgage over the car, meaning that you are subjecting the car to answer for the debt in case you are not able to pay your debt. However, this is not the only type of lien that can … Read more

What Does VFC FREE Vehicle History Report Contains?

Every dollar counts. So nobody can blame you when you find it hard to part with your hard earned money for something you are not even sure is worth it. Having a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checked has repercussions that you can prevent to avoid spending much more than your car’s purchase price. Title History A Vehicle History Report (VHR) or otherwise known as a VIN check contains a car’s vital statistics. Most vehicle history reports prioritize title information. The latter shows if the car’s … Read more

What is a VIN Number?

What is a VIN Number?

All vehicles sold in the United States of America must have an identification code known as a VIN. Short for Vehicle Identification Number, a VIN is basically a unique code consisting of 17 characters, which can be a mixture of numbers and letters. A VIN is assigned to each individual vehicle produced by any automobile manufacturer. Manufacturers have used VINs since 1954, although no standard format was ever adopted at the time. VINs would be found in several varieties based on who manufactured that vehicle. … Read more

Reminders When Adding Cars to Your Car Insurance

A newly acquired car in addition to your old one would mean a need for a new car insurance coverage. Adding a car to your auto insurance policy can prove to be more economical than getting a separate insurance policy for your newly acquired automobile. Car insurance companies offer discounts for covering more cars in a policy to attract more business and customers. Below are some helpful reminders when adding a car to your auto insurance policy. Prepare the information you need To be systematic … Read more

Late Auto Insurance Payments: Penalties and Effects

Somebody should have told you that insurance companies are impression-based. You must not take it personally because providing insurance to the public is a business. The list below will tell you not only the penalties but also the repercussions of late auto insurance payments. Cancellation due to non-payment The insurance company may have to cancel your policy when you do not pay on time. While life insurance policies usually have a grace period, not all auto insurance companies allow a grace period within which you … Read more

What are Title Brands?

Title brands are not what you think they are. They do not represent a “brand name” as we know it, for example: Ford. Title brands carry a negative connotation with them. A title brand has everything to do with a vehicle’s history. It is usually indicated in a car’s certificate of registration. When buying a vehicle, pretending to be Nancy Drew or Hercule Poirot can be useful. You have to play detective to know a vehicle’s past. What do title brands tell us? Title brands … Read more