3 Ways to Get a Free VIN Check

If you can get a free VIN check, you have to seize the opportunity. Being resourceful is the key, and all you need to have is the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a laptop and an internet connection. Knowing the car’s VIN is a must so you can check the car’s background. One of the perks of being a buyer is that a seller will try to please you in any way they can just to close a deal. If you are a buyer, you … Read more

7 Signs that Your Car May be a Lemon

Appearance is everything to most consumers. Even in the grocery store, a damaged canned good will rarely be picked up by a shopper even though the can’s appearance will not alter its content’s taste and quality. With respect to cars, its appearance can tell you a bit of what the car went through by just making a quick check. Below are the signs which can tell you that your prospective car is a lemon. The car has little or no vehicle history report A lot … Read more

Benefits of Increasing Car Insurance Deductibles

Why would increasing your car insurance deductible be beneficial? Isn’t it going to cost you more when you become liable for damages? As surprising as it may sound, there really are benefits—for economical and practical reasons. Lowers the premium Increasing your car insurance deductible will lower your premium rates. Why would the insurance company do that? They are more than willing to do this because in the event of an accident or damage that you may incur, they will have less amount to be liable … Read more

How to Review Your Current Auto Insurance Policy

Just because you have procured an insurance policy over your car does not mean your responsibility stops there. You have to read the policy to know the processes of claiming, the important dates and periods of time, the terms, conditions and the clauses inserted. Drivers There may have been some addition or reduction of the number of people in the household or your civil status might have changed. The drivers covered by the insurance policy should be changed accordingly. In this way, you may have … Read more

Auto Insurance Limit: What You Need to Know

All states require car owners to show a form of financial responsibility and one way of being able to meet this requirement is through auto insurance. When it comes to auto insurance, there is this thing called auto insurance limit. So what is an auto insurance limit? Basically, auto insurance limit refers to the maximum amount of money that auto insurance will pay out if you make a claim. And there are a number of things that you should take into account that affect auto … Read more

What is a Stolen VIN?

First, what is a VIN? A VIN is the car’s vehicle identification number composed of seventeen (17) alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). It is commonly described as a vehicle’s DNA or fingerprint. It is what sets it apart from all the others of the same class—it gives “personal” identification to a car. It is also used to trace it to its “mother ship” or the factory where it came from. It can be usually found on a car’s dashboard and the driver-side door panel, where … Read more

Who Benefits Most in Higher Auto Insurance Deductibles?

Admittedly, there are years that you are not able to take advantage of your premium because you do not incur damage or do not cause damage to others. This is the reason why it is wiser to opt for high auto insurance deductibles when procuring an insurance policy. Who might be the best people who should have high auto insurance deductibles? Owners of old cars It makes sense to pay a low premium for an old car, correct? And of course a higher premium has … Read more

Should I Get a Low Auto Insurance Deductible?

Lowering and increasing your auto insurance deductible should be made to depend on different variables and factors which affect the extent that an insurance company would agree to assume the risk. These factors are quite many. Below are some of the factors which would deem it advisable to opt for a low auto insurance deductible. Your area Do you live in a heavily populated place? More people means more automobiles in the road and therefore more traffic. Accidents are most likely to occur on a … Read more